The Soothing Padsicle

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Delivering a baby is a superhuman effort, but every hero needs a sidekick. For you, that’s us. And we’re here to support you through every step of your pregnancy journey. That means caring for you immediately after you give birth — when you need it most.

Introducing Kin Fertility's Ingenious 2 in 1 padiscles combining instant cooling relief and maximum absorption

Kin’s Soothing Padsicles have a built-in ice pack to soothe your most vulnerable bits whilst preventing leaks so you can chill. Soothing Padsicles are a hospital bag essential designed to ease pain and discomfort down there and help you feel better, faster.

Simply snap, shake and stick. No freezer needed!

How to use

Simply snap, shake and stick. No freezer needed!

What's inside

1 Pack of 14 Soothing Padsicles

Why we love it

Instant crack-and-cool relief
Super soft and ultra-absorbent
Suitable for perineal and C-section incision areas