Kin Fertility Lube

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Kin’s clean and frictionless fertility lubricant has been uniquely formulated to mimic cervical environment, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.

Finding a clean, sperm-friendly lubricant free of spermicide and parabens is crucial in maximising your chances.

Most lubricants contain spermicide, and common lube ingredients like petroleum, glycerine, and silicone can affect sperm’s ability to move through the vaginal canal.

Kins Fertility Lube is pH Balanced, Spermicide, Glycerin, Paraben and Petroleum free. It's also water-based (not silicone based) and fragrance free. 

How to use

Use during ovulation.

What's inside

1x Fertility Lubricant

Why we love it

PH balanced
Spermicide free
Paraben free
Fragrance Free
Water based (not silicone based)