Silicone Colostrum Collector - 6pc

By Haakaa

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The Haakaa Silicone Colostrum Collector is a world-first design, giving mums the option to express colostrum antenatally and postnatally in a safe, easy-to-use storage solution. 

Colostrum is traditionally collected in single-use syringes often made from harmful plastics. The Haakaa collector is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which means it won't leach nasty toxins and can be safely stored in the fridge or freezer. It's easy-to-use and reuse, making it the ideal option for mums both before and after birth!

The Silicone Colostrum Collector Set comes in three different quantities:

  • 1 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)
  • 2 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)
  • 6 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)

Each colostrum collector comes with its own sticker for convenient labelling of each tube. 

Please note: Ensure clearance from your health professional prior to antenatal expressing as there may be a risk of early labour.

How to use

Collect: Ensure collector is sterilised before use. Sterilise by using any steam sterilising system or by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes.
Gently squeeze the collector body to suction colostrum drops straight from your nipple, using the nib.
Alternatively, remove the nib and express directly into the collector body.

Store: Attach label, taking care to label with your name and date & time of expression.
Store in your fridge or freezer according to your country’s breastmilk storage guidelines.

Feed: There is no need to transfer your colostrum between containers.
Perfectly-sized nib to drop-feed into the corner of baby’s mouth. Before feeding, warm colostrum by running the collector under warm water until colostrum reaches room temperature.
Note: Once a baby feeds from the nib end, it is no longer sterile. Sterilise before re-use.

What's inside

1 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)
2 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)
6 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml)

Made of 100% medical-grade silicone.

Why we love it

Collect, store and feed colostrum from the same container.
Made of 100% medical-grade silicone.
Soft squeezable silicone has a vacuum effect to collect droplets.
Nib suctions colostrum off the nipple, can also be removed to express directly into the collector.
Portable, leakproof and reusable.
Heat and freeze resistant.
Clear measurements.
Non-toxic and safe for newborns.
BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.
Fridge, freezer, dishwasher and microwave steriliser safe.