Perineal Remedial Ice and Heat Packs – Twin pack

Perineal Ice/Heat strip

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Designed to fit comfortably in your underwear, these perineal ice packs will help reduce pain and inflammation associated with a natural birth. We guarantee they will be your best friend in the 24-48 hours post childbirth. The Ice Ice Booby Perineal pack comes as a set of two, so you can always have one on standby ready to use.

How to use

For Heat Pack: Apply the breast pack prior to breastfeeding and expressing to assist in relieving blocked ducts and help encourage the milk let down reflex and flow.
For Cold Pack: Apply the breast pack after breastfeeding to relieve pain and inflammation of the breasts

What's inside

2 Perineal Ice/Heat Packs

Why we love it

They can also provide relief from birth trauma, symphysis pubis dysfunction, vulval varicosities and haemorrhoids.