Peri Oil

Perineum preparation

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Peri Oil is perfect for perineal massage and may help toward prevention of trauma to the treated area. It assists in preparing the perinium area for delivery. It can be incorporated into your preparations for birth from 35 weeks of pregnancy. 

How to use

Apply a couple of drops on the index or third finger.
Massage the thin skin on the lower rim of the vagina with the index finger and thumb for approx 30 seconds to reduce sensitivity. Massage the perineum with circular motions for another 30 seconds. If it applies, concentrate the massage on the scar of any previous episiotomies as this tissue will be less elastic.

Relax the muscles of the face, the mouth and the legs while practicing these massages. As much as possible try to keep the bottom, thighs and hips relaxed while using deep belly breathing.

What's inside

Contains geranium essential oil and evening primrose oil.

Why we love it

Peri oil helps to avoid any perineal trauma.