Soothing Nipple Spray

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Saltwater remedies have been around for centuries and are well known for their healing properties. Nipspray is easy and convenient, so you can soothe your sore nips in between feeding and when on the move. There's no need to rinse off before feeding; Nipspray is sterile. It's also gentle on nipples and 100% safe for baby as well. 

How to use

At the first sign of sore, cracked nipples, simply spray directly onto the nipple area in between feedings. 100% sterile solution
Can be used before applying Silvernips or Hydronips.

What's inside

1x Soothing Nipple Spray

0.9% sodium chloride

Why we love it

No need to rinse off before feeding! This formula is gentle on nipples and 100% safe for baby as well.