Hydrogel Compresses for Breastfeeding Nipples

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Get instant, soothing relief from Hydronips' compresses for cracked and sore breastfeeding nipples. Hydronips promote faster healing by forming a protective barrier for sore cracked nipples. They cool the skin on contact, providing relief when you most need it. Reusable for 24hrs. These are a must have for your nips!  
How to use

Remove compress from individual packaging and gently place over the affected nipple. When feeding, remove the compress and place facing up. Reapply after if needed.
One compress lasts 24 hours or when compress turns milky.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

What's inside

x10 individually wrapped hydrogel compresses

Water, Glycol, Polymer

Why we love it

Provide relief when you most need it during Breastfeeding, these are a must have on your breastfeeding journey.