Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

By Malo

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Malo's Salt Massage Ball contains 84 trace minerals & nutrients that gently detoxify the skin to help relieve pain, swelling & reduce inflammation. The Magnesium content helps to relax muscles & melt away tension while the minerals gently draw out toxins.

How to use

Using the ball, gently massage all over the body, except the face. We recommend using with our Super-Seed Belly Oil. To do this, rinse the stone with warm water, pat dry and apply oil to the stone. Let it sit & absorb into the stone. Then massage as needed to tired, aching muscles. Stone may be warmed in the microwave on low for up to 20secs for a penetrating heat. To clean your stone, rinse with water and pat dry. Allow to fully dry before storing.

For external use only. Not to be ingested. If in doubt, patch test first.

What's inside

1x Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

Ingredients/ 100% Pink Himalayan Salt. No additives.

Why we love it

Pairs perfectly with the Malo Super Seed Belly Oil for the ultimate relaxation to help relieve tired & aching muscles and swollen legs.