Gen 3 160ml/250ml Silicone Haakaa Pump with Silicone Cap

By Haakaa

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The famous Haakaa Silicone Pump has been reinvented again to help make life easier for busy breastfeeding mamas! They have kept the same simple and effective design that you know and love, except now you can express directly into a detachable silicone bottle!

The new Gen. 3 Pump is compatible with all of Haakaas silicone bottle range attachments.

Made from medical-grade silicone, this compact pump is perfect for long-distance plane or car rides, or simply anywhere you would like to express quickly and discreetly.

How to use

How to Use Your Haakaa Pump

Clean after each use. We strongly recommend cleaning and sterilising your Haakaa Pump with any steam sterilising system or by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes. Do not use any bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets to clean this product. Instead, we recommend using the Haakaa Dish Soap. Do not use UV sterilisers to clean this product as it may impact the lifespan of your pump.

The easiest way to squeeze your Gen. 3 250ml pump is by pushing up the side of the bottom edge of the pump, rather than squeezing from the middle, to prevent the plastic rim from cracking.

What's inside

1 x 250ml Silicone Bottle base, 1x Silicone Cap, 1 x Attachment Ring and 1 x Silicone Pump Flange attachment.

Why we love it

Express breastmilk using the power of natural suction!
High-quality food-grade silicone.
Easy and effective milk expression, directly into the bottle.
No cords or batteries required.
Compatible with all Generation 3 Silicone Bottle range attachments.
Silicone Cap fits securely over the pump flange to keep out dust and other airborne nasties between uses and helps to prevent accidental spills.
Small, portable and convenient.
Accommodates different breast sizes.
Safe in microwave sterilisers and boiling water.
BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.