C-Heaties Heat Packs

Instant Abdominal Heat Packs for Caesarean Recovery

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Most people believe that cooling is required to help with healing after birth, but heat has also been shown to promote blood flow to help heal faster, and provide comfort and pain relief. WARMTH = PROMOTES BLOOD FLOW = PAIN RELIEF + HEALING. And these individually wrapped c-section heat packs are your new best friend for pain relief. Working instantly to provide heat to the area, simply remove the adhesive strip, place the heatie on the back of shirt or tights, and feel the warmth and benefit of these beauties!

Suitable for all types of labour recovery, period pain relief, and can be used on other areas of the body. Provides approximately 10-12hours of relief.



How to use

Remove adhesive strip
Place on area where pain relief is needed. If it feels too warm against the skin, place above clothing.
Discard after use. Not suitable for children.

What's inside

x4 individually wrapped c-heaties heat packs

Why we love it

Not only are they suitable for all types of labour recovery, but they are also great for women suffering from menstrual pain, endometriosis, PCOS and other debilitating pain. Their multifunction purpose is what makes these heaties so special!