Australian Wildflower Deodorant

Indigenous Owned

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With scents of exotic Australian flora, Rohr Remedy's deodorant is natural, nontoxic and will keep you fresh all day. Rosalina, Kunzea and Fragonia are Australian Wild flowers that have been used by the indigenous Australians for healing for over 60 000 years. These Wild flowers are known for their deodorizing effect and antibacterial properties. 
How to use

Daily, underarm, to deodorise and refresh.

What's inside

1x Australian Wildflower Deodorant

Kunzea: Typically contains alpha pinene 43%, 1.8-cineole
13%, globulol 9% and viridifloral 7%
Fragonia: Typically contains terpene hydrocarbons, 1,8-
cineole (23-33%), alpha-pinene (22-31%), linalool (6-13%)
and alpha-terpineol (5-8%)

Why we love it

Rohr Remedy support ethical trading and sustainability by sourcing many of their natural ingredients through traditional land owners in Australia. The high bioactivity of Australian plants is unique and potent, transforming how skin care works. Their deodorant is also antibacterial and Antioxidant rich, Chemical free and leave no white marks!